There is something about having experienced great pain in your life. From sexual abuse, physical abuse, losing a loved one, making a great mistake that costs others greatly.

This pain, burrows deep in you. It creates scar tissue if it ever does heal. It secretly influences your everyday decisions. For some it sensors our words and actions, it restrains our freedom to be ourselves. It keeps us from being loved.

This pain we’ve experienced also gives us a vantage point that many can only fabricate. We who have suffered greatly now notice nuances about life that never was there. We notice the burning bush, we see its flames. It creates an urgency about us, it says to us there are others that are trapped and we know the way out.

Days pass and some we notice the beauty in the mundane, others we too are trapped searching for a way out. For us, the shadow of our pain can hide us from the light, even within. It is in these days that we must not surrender to anything other than hope. Hope that we have meaning, hope that this pain, this shadow will soon fade as all shadows do. If even into the night. Because in the night, under the cover of a backlit canopy with holes punched in it. We shine, we illuminate the path for others. Their freedom makes our pain bearable or at very least worth it. – Christian The Most High Show