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Marketing Director Vs Creative Director

This article covers two employment opportunities that require strong leadership skills: marketing directors and creative directors. Marketing directors generally manage the analytical and strategic aspects of a marketing campaign, while creative directors supervise the artistic and aesthetic completion of projects.

Comparing Marketing Directors to Creative Directors

Marketing directors and creative directors sound similar, and on some levels they are – they both work with art and sales. However, these leadership professions are unique since they approach projects from different perspectives. Marketing managers plan, design and coordinate marketing campaigns for clients and corporations. Creative directors interpret said marketing plans and guide the creative development aspects involved across campaigns, whether they are visuals, commercials or multimedia projects. The information below compares these two marketing careers and adds some vital info.

Responsibilities of Marketing Directors vs. Creative Directors

Marketing directors and creative directors commonly work at the top levels of an organization and supervise advertising and marketing campaigns. Both directors work toward the goal of maximizing the success of a campaign. Marketing directors create or facilitate plans for advertising promotions, either on their own or as a head of a team. They work predominantly with sales, production, and public relations; duties include monitoring trends, analyzing budgets, and hiring staff. Creative directors are like the ‘right brain’ of a marketing or executive team; they contribute with artistic vision and connect the company’s financial goals to the emotions of their audience (consumers). Once the campaign is set they oversee design teams across departments to bring to life the concept. They are responsible for the final aesthetic and appeal of the project, and thus may share responsibility with the marketing director for the overall success of a given campaign.

Marketing Director
Marketing directors work for advertising or promotions firms. They take charge of a campaign, from identifying potential customers to tracking the campaign’s success or failure. Marketing managers are skilled analysts who recognize the potential of certain products and services. They work to maximize a company’s profits but also serve the consumer and must ensure customer satisfaction.

Creative Director
Creative directors are leaders who oversee the work done by various teams of designers and artists working on a marketing campaign. Their work can cover a variety of media like art, film, and music. Creative directors have their hands in a lot of pies, from hiring musicians to supervising the casting of actors for a commercial. They need to have people skills and be able to give constructive criticism to the artists and art directors working under them. It is the creative director’s responsibility to take the marketing director’s plans and bring them to life.

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