Combatting the devious desease of addiction and mental health disorders is going to be a long battle and we are in it for the long haul. Our generous donors have made it possible for us to reach nearly 100,000 people with our content and message of strength and hope. Our goal with creating a sustainability model is that we would be able to make every dollar donated count. Money raised through our services or studio booking covers our building overhead. It also provides us the opportunity to support other alltruistic efforts in the recovery and mental health community for little to no costs.
Cosider partnering with us today as a donor or a client.


Our team is diverse, yet our purpose is identical; to serve the community through all media avenues. Our goal is to achieve meaningful results through focused delivery of your message to your audience. We build, design, write, and produce sharp marketing content to showcase you and your business. We utilize the latest in advertising and communication to introduce your clients to you.

  • Broadcast Quality Video
  • On Site Event Live Streaming
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design


Our Mission is to spread awareness, educate, and end the stigma of addiction and mental health disorders. Most High Media is a non-profit media company that creates recovery content by and for men and women in recovery. We experience hope and strength through faith, the community of recovery and the 12-steps. Weshare our strength and hope with others through our stories, podcasts and documentaries.

  • Volunteer
  • Share Your Story
  • Support Groups
  • Rescources


We offer a comfortable and flexible studio space. Our multi-purpose facility is equipped with the latest technology to create and produce your digital message. Rates are competitive and based on your specific needs. We can help you record and edit your podcast, so that all you need to do is come in ready to record. We are conviently located in the heart of Roswell, GA.

  • Audio Only Podcasting
  • Green Screen Video
  • Multicamera Interviews
  • Post Production Services